Beauty on a Budget

nails on a budget

I like to have nice nails just as much as the next girl but with a get-out-of-debt-asap plan it doesn’t really fit in the budget. But when going on trips I like to spice it up a bit so I get fancy with my do-it-yourself French manicure in 10 minutes for $4 from home. Here’s how you can too….

  1. Buy Kiss brand glue-on nails from any store like Wal-Mart or Target (I choose the short or very short length)
  2. Size the nails to your fingernails and layout all 10 on the table.
  3. File down your own fingernails
  4. One-by-one put glue on the nail and place on your fingernail holding down for about 10 seconds then move to the next one. I suggest starting on your weak hand pinky finger, completing all 4 fingers, then complete your strong hand fingers, then finish off with both thumbs.
  5. Based on the length you desire you may wish to file down the nails once they are on.

By doing it this way you save a good $30, don’t have to tip (unless you tip yourself), you don’t waste time driving, and you don’t waste time waiting at the salon.

Unless you tell people, no one will know you did them yourself for $4. In my opinion they look better than if you went to the salon to get them done.

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We’re going to Crash

pretty powerful fitness

I have a question…have you ever gotten on a plane and before it takes off you think “We are definitely not going to make it?” Or what about “We’re supposed to be flying to Dallas, Texas but we’ll probably end up in Tokyo, Japan?” Or shoot what about thinking “I bet we won’t even make it off the ground?” Chances are you’ve never had these thoughts because of 3 reasons…

  1. You put faith in the Pilot who’s gone through extensive training to know how to successfully fly a plane from point A to point B and if he wasn’t able to do it he wouldn’t have his job.
  2. Based on your experience flying you’ve always made it to the right destination successfully.
  3. Of all of the thousands of people who fly daily you never hear of people complaining that the pilot took them to the wrong destination and accidents that do occur are pretty infrequent.

Yet, you’ve never met the pilot. You have no idea what his or her name is, no idea where they’re from, what their training background is, if it’s their first day on the job, if they’ve had a sufficient amount of sleep, if they love what they do or just do the bare minimum to get by and YET you still hop on board and put your life in their hands. You don’t ask to speak with them, check the plane itself, or verify that your luggage is underneath. You just hop on the flight, sit down, and “know” where you will end up.

Isn’t that a crazy thing? Especially when in everyday life we treat things so differently. When presented with a new opportunity – maybe a business opportunity, or new group to get involved in, or way to invest our money, or a school we could attend, or a new fitness program we could try we…

  1. Have no faith in ourselves or the opportunity.
  2. Determine that since we’ve never done it before we can’t be successful with it.
  3. Other people tell us it can’t or won’t work.

We automatically think the worst and already determine that we are going to crash, that there is no way we’ll make it, that the destination we want to reach is so far away that we’ll end up somewhere else we don’t want to be, that we won’t even be able to get off the ground when we start.

Our society has conditioned us to put more faith in those we don’t know – Pilots, Doctors, Teachers – than we do in ourselves. We hop on a plane, on an operating table, in a seat in a classroom and let them take us to where we think we should be going.

We HAVE to start to start putting more faith in ourselves, in our abilities, and the opportunities that are staring us in the face. Stop questioning if we will make it, where we’ll land, or how we’ll even start and JUST START.

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choice meal

What do you like for your CHOICE meal?? You’re probably thinking What the heck is a “choice meal?” Well…..

Do you CHEAT on yourself?? Me either! So, when you eat something that’s not on your healthy meal plan why are you calling it a CHEAT MEAL?? STOP!!!

You are making a CHOICE. That’s not cheating on yourself. So Danielle’s reword: CHOICE MEAL! Use it! 🙂

And yes it is A-Okay to TREAT yourself to a delicious CHOICE meal every once in a while!

*Thanks to North Star Café in Columbus, Ohio this is a healthier version of a Choice Meal due to their high-quality, organic ingredients and this Niman Ranch Cheeseburger is my absolute favorite!!

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From A Cruise to Scottsdale, Arizona

beachbody cruise

This is a rough life…I mean in 2 ½ years I’ve had to experience things like Laguna Beach, a Cruise to Cozumel & the Cayman Islands, Las Vegas, and now Scottsdale, Arizona all for free! In truth, these have been the most amazing 2 ½ years of my life. I never really thought growing up that I would find a career that would provide me with these sorts of opportunities — I went to college and got a degree in Sociology so my expectations were to work my butt off to change people’s lives for very little income. But here I am heading to my next ALL-EXPENSES-PAID trip to Scottsdale, Arizona to learn from the best of the best and I’m reminded of the amazing cruise I just got back from in March….

beachbody cruiseI had never been on a cruise before so I was nervous but it may have been one of the most relaxing vacations I’ve ever been on. We woke up every morning to this view of the ocean on our private balcony. It was an awesome experience. We live our lives in our own little bubbles forgetting all that God created that exists out in this ocean. Don’t get me wrong it was somewhat terrifying thinking about what was below us BUT it was peaceful and breathtaking.

And I saw a whale! ← yes that was one of the highlights of my cruise. Although I was expecting dolphins to swim next to us the entire trip (the movies so do not portray this correctly!) I was happy with a whale.

The service was extraordinary with the wait staff remembering our preferences and being delighted to serve us. Dinner was an experience in and of itself with a special performance the last night.

Oh and did I mention that we had workouts on top of the cruise ship with top celebrity trainers Shaun T (creator of Insanity & T25) and Tony Horton (creator of P90X and 10 Minute Trainer) AND Autumn Calabrese (creator of The 21 Day Fix). That may not sound appealing to a lot of people when they go on vacation but when Beachbody has workouts they are the bomb and make every trip even better!

One of my favorite parts was Salsa & Salsa in which we learned how to create LOTS of different authentic salsa’s including a dessert that was to die for! Followed up by actually learning how to Salsa dance — You could say it was the PERFECT date in my opinion.

beachbody friendsBut THE BEST part of the whole trip was getting to experience it all with my teammates who I consider friends and family. These trips would be less than spectacular if I didn’t get to experience them with the people who inspire me, encourage me, and motivate me every single day. They are what has made this whole opportunity possible and these trips are rewards for all of our hard work that we get to share together.

With that I must go….tomorrow I hop on a plane to our next destination — Scottsdale, Arizona — to once again be rewarded for all of the hard work put in to help people change their lives. I can’t wait to share that experience with you!

From there we head to Gatlinburg, Tennessee in October and then to Dallas, Texas in November!

I would love to have YOU join me on these free trips and get to experience all of these amazing places and people!

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How to get rid of these…

pretty powerful fitness

LOVE THEM! <– that’s how you get rid of those hips that just won’t go away…let me explain…”What you >>FOCUS<< on {{EXPANDS}}” ….Want your hips to Expand, keep looking at them and complaining about them! Want them to go away — then appreciate them, rock them, love them, and turn your attention to the things you have always loved about your body and make them even better.

This is the most common… question I get asked “How do I get rid of _____” My answer remains the same — you can’t change your body type you can only improve it. You can’t focus on losing weight in certain areas you can only make healthier choices and increase your overall health.

So, LOVE those areas of your body that are not always easy to LOVE because guess what, there are lots of people in this world who would give anything to have the body YOU have.

Your Challenge: Every time you go to grab that body part and say “I wish this would go away” quickly pick a different body part and give yourself a compliment!

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What Grade is your Food?

pretty powerful fitness

You would think that foods labeled as low fat, fat free, or specifically from companies that are known for helping people lose weight would be good for you right?? Unfortunately many companies, even those that claim to be healthy and help people lose weight, are focused on one thing: SALES and NOT on the consumer’s health.

So here are my top tips for deciding whether you should pick it up at the grocery or put it in your body:

  1. Read the labels. If you can’t pronounce it it’s probably not good and if it has more than 5 ingredients it is likely NOT real food.


  1. FOODUCATE <– get the app. It’s what I used here in the picture and you can scan everything! And I literally scan EVERYTHING. It will tell you what’s in it that the company is trying to hide and decide what your “passing grade” will be.


  1. Join one of my clean eating challenges where we discuss all of these sorts of things and I provide resources to making better decisions with a group of support for when you are shopping or unsure what is good or bad.


So, after scanning these “healthy treats,” I decided NOT to eat them. Anything that has Aspartame, Sucralose, Artificial Ingredients or Flavors, and/or is linked to causing cancer is NOT okay for me and I would HIGHLY suggest you stay away from those things as well.

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Extra $2,000 for the Holidays

beachbody income

This was a post I shared on Facebook and have received a lot of feedback about it and it’s made me do a lot of thinking about HOW I did it….First: here’s the post I made with the photo of my first 3 months of earnings….

If I could teach you how to run an at-home business, never having to leave the house, “working” about 10 hours a week in the comfort of your own home —- how to earn a couple thousand dollars BEFORE the holidays —-would you put your faith in me as your mentor and join me as a business partner?

IF, within 30 days, you don’t absolutely *LOVE* what I do and/or you don’t break even from your investment you get 100% back!

I’m ONLY looking for FIVE people to mentor throughout this month. Please comment below if you or someone you know would like this opportunity!

 It’s a leap of faith worth taking!

So, as you can imagine I’ve gotten many different reactions from “YES please tell me how to do it” to people who say “yeah right that’s just not possible.” It is possible because I’m a normal, 27 year old girl, from Ohio who simply decided to take the leap of faith…BUT the feedback that has made me really concerned is when people say “wow you were just awesome at this from the very beginning.”

See, I wasn’t “awesome” at this in the beginning. I was simply CONSISTENT, COMMITTED, and PASSIONATE. So how did those 3 things make me that amount of income in the beginning? I talked to as many people as possible and offered to HELP as many people as possible. My paychecks were a reflection of the amount of lives that were changed so my number one priority was helping other people reach their health & fitness goals.

I had A LOT of people turn down my help, who told me NO, told me that I was CRAZY to even try this business, many didn’t have the money or the time to workout or eat healthy, and as much as I wanted to just throw up my hands and say “ugh this isn’t going to work because NO ONE wants my help,” I dealt with the NO’s and just kept going because I KNEW in my heart that there were people who would want my help….Thankfully I did because ever since that first week in business I have been able to help HUNDREDS but it was not because I was AWESOME in the beginning I was just consistent, committed, and passionate.

ANYONE can bring in this amount of income and more in their first months as a Coach IF they follow the simple steps and stick with it!

If you would like for me to show you how you can do this too please contact me and I can share some more information with you so you can decide if this would be a great opportunity for you!

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